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Organising to Inspire Change

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Shelly Moss has worked in financial services for over 20 years in various management and operational roles and working such long hours she had to be organised in both work and home life.  She then had the opportunity to work with London based Vicky Silverthorn from You Need a Vicky (as seen on ITV's This Morning and author of Start with your Sock Drawer) who was an amazing influence and gave her a passion for this line of business.  Having relocated to Cornwall she realised how her experience with Vicky meant she could help others and set up Kewniek.  


Shelly says "I love that each client and each day is different and knowing I have made a change to someone's life is so rewarding".

“I can thoroughly recommend Shelly and her team, who completely re-organised my house and helped move home with me on several occasions. Having Shelly on board takes the stress out of trying to get organised. Life is more relaxed and there’s more time and space for the important things once she’s weaved her organisational magic!”

Nick Knowles, Television Presenter


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Meeting All of Your Needs

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It is so easy to open letters, or not, and then put them in a pile to sort at a later date which never happens.  Piles then move from place to place and end up in lots of different places - often in bags and boxes and drawers, lots of drawers!

Working with you, we can implement a tailored system to suit your home life or business.

Whether you have an office, a desk or just a couple of kitchen drawers we can help.

We work with you to look at what you need to achieve and then work with you to put it in place

Messy Bed


Sometimes you open your wardrobe or kitchen cupboards, sigh, get what you want (if you can find it) and shove everything else back in.  It might be another room in the house which you have been meaning to tackle and we can help.

It can be daunting - we will talk to you about what you are hoping to achieve - we won't come in and just get rid of everything without your knowledge. 

It is a personal journey, everybody is different, and we are there with you but with an objective view. 

Moving Boxes


If you cannot face packing everything up and there are things which you know you will not be able to house in new new home, we can help.

De-cluttering and organising before your packers arrive will help when you get to your new home.  This will alleviate some of the pressures during this stressful time.  We can also help unpack boxes at the other end.

Rock Maze


Have you brought down everything which wouldn't fit in your family home and have kept adding to it?  We can help you sort through this and get it in some order.

It might be that you need to sort things out before Christmas - how wonderful to come down to your Cornwall home and have everything sorted (and decorated if required) for Christmas.  

Local knowledge could also help us provide solutions for you.



Will you come in and just throw everything away?

No - we work with you to see what you want to keep, recycle or bin.  Nothing is done without your say so.  We understand that people love to have memories and things around them that mean something.

How much does it cost?

Each client is different and we cover this on the initial conversation or email when we work out what we think you will need. 

We can offer virtual sessions - this means that we agree a time and set up a minimum of an hour and then discuss the areas you are wanting to de-clutter and organise.  We can use Skype or Whatsapp and you can walk through your home during our session.

We will donate 1% of our fee to our chosen charity which is Cornwall Air Ambulance.

I have a friend who is a hoarder - can you help?

The term hoarder has been a little overused for a few years now.  People who accumulate 'stuff' are not necessarily hoarders - most people don't know how to reduce their possessions.  However, if someone has become an extreme hoarder they may need a specialist who can work with them emotionally and therefore we would recommend you look for someone else with this area of expertise - might be able to help. 

Will I need to be there all the time?

We certainly need a chat with you when we arrive - some areas won't need your input and others we can keep calling on you to check on our progress.  We are used to it but know it is quite tiring so we keep an eye on you and make sure you take a break!

Will you take rubbish with you?

We will take things to the charity shop for you but don't have a waste disposal licence so recommend you use your usual bin collection or local recycling centre.  We will also be able to assist with smaller items but larger pieces of furniture might need some additional help.  Furthermore whilst we will keep things clean as we work, if an area needs specialist cleaning or is heavily soiled we will let you know and look for solutions but may not be able to do so on the day.

How long will it take?

Some sessions can be a few hours but others can be days or weeks.  We would never 'eek out' a job - we work quickly and efficiently and try to ensure that you are charged as little as possible.  We are open and honest and will constantly communicate with you throughout.

Do I need to buy anything beforehand?

Please resist!  If you need storage or filing solutions we will review this with you after we have seen what there is to put in them.  If you impulse buy in advance you may be tempted to fill them all!

If you have other questions - just drop us an email or give us a call.

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